You Won’t Believe What My Stepson Did

I’ll just get straight to the point here.  My eighteen year old stepson not only graduated with good grades (yes!), but is accepted into a very prestigious engineering school (sweet!), AND….

…wait for it…

…..waaiiit for iiit…..


Yes.  Yes, you read that correctly.

When I first got the news, I looked up at the sky and wondered if it was on fire.  I then looked down and further wondered if snow cones were being served in hell.  Surely the end of the world nigh for this series of events to have occurred.

Much to my relief, no such catastrophes ensued and the world went on as it usually did.  My husband and I were on vacation in Key West when he was officially moving, rather convenient timing if I say so myself.  By the time we got back, the house was… empty.  Quiet.  Eerily silent.

As much as I was looking forward to the oldest child going out on his own in the world, I will admit that I had a few moments of panic.  Does he know how to cook food?  Is he going to spend his entire paycheck on potato chips?  Or worse, is he going to spend his entire paycheck paying for the speeding ticket he almost got even though he “doesn’t speed anymore, LAUREN!”

Ack!  Have we prepared him to pay bills?  Maybe we should make a spreadsheet and send it to him.  And have him set a monthly alarm when they are due… maybe I should take him grocery shopping with me so he knows how to find the best deals.

I had to sit down and collect myself.  “Get a grip,” I said.  “He will be fine,” I assured myself.  “What’s the worst that can happen?”  GULP.

Despite my doubts and obvious anxiety, it dawned on me that this is part of growing up and becoming an adult.  Will we be able to be there and fix everything for him?  No.  Is he going to fail at something?  Yes.  Yes he will, and yes, we all have failed at something.  It wasn’t the end of the world, the four horseman of the apocalypse didn’t ravage across the countryside.  We learn from failure.  We grow, adapt, and persevere when we mess something up.  After all, the learning isn’t just in the failure.  It’s figuring out how to get back up, brush the dirt off (hopefully it’s just dirt), and move forward.

Now if we could just keep that mentality in real life instead of theory, we’d be all set.


You Won’t Believe What My Stepson Did — 1 Comment

  1. That’s fantastic news! Great story! I love how worried you are about him. Just like a Mom! 🙂
    I know I’ll be the same way when I get there… If I get there… Hmm… :/ No, I know my day will come when I’ll have an empty nest and all my complaining about the kids will be replaced with missing them and worrying about them. Sometimes it’s surprising how much being a stepmom is just like being a mom. 🙂

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