Hi everyone!  I wanted to start out by apologizing for not having posted in awhile – it’s amazing how time flies.  I’ve been extremely busy with my J.O.B., the kids, getting over a stomach bug, and now we have the holidays coming up.


So, just to keep you all posted, I wanted to let you know about my upcoming projects.

1. Blog of Stepmom will be posted later this week (probably tomorrow – Wednesday 11/26/14)

2. I’m building a baby changing table for my friends Tony and Kristin, who are due to welcome baby Scott Murphy (affectionally named – MURPH!) in early January.

3. Buy Christmas presents without going broke

4. And – building an entertainment center around my living TV.

I hope all of you will check back soon (ahem… as in tomorrow) for the next installment!


Oh – and here is what the baby changing table is supposed to look like… let’s see how it looks when I get finished building



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