So Crafty DIY

I LOVE to make things.  I love making websites (My J.O.B.), I love making food (Nom Nom!), and I love DIY projects.  Okay, okay, so the only do-it-yourself projects I’ve done (aside from assembling furniture from Wal-mart) is building a base for my sugar glider cage.  That consisted of scrap plywood, drilling 4 holes and attaching 4 caster wheels.  Oooooo.

My husband has recently requested that I stop watching investigative shows like “How Not to Kill Your Husband”, “I’d Kill For You”, or “Wives With Knives”.  We affectionately call this “murder porn”.  Apparently, this makes him nervous.

Instead, I started watching HGTV and the DIY network.  Now I have a whole list of projects that I want to do around the house.  Below is a list of things I want to build/create and as I complete each project, I’ll post the how to’s along with pictures.  Hopefully all goes well, fingers crossed.  And hopefully I still have my fingers after attempting to use Jeff’s miter saw.  In which case… toes crossed.

Wall Mounted Make-Up cabinet w/LED Touch, swivel lights

CAM00644 CAM00647 CAM00648

Baby Changing Table


Reupholstered Bar Stools w/extra padding (thank you neighbor!)

IMG_20150123_112345 IMG_20150123_112355

Rolling Bar Cart – Pulls left over from Kitchen Cabinets

IMG_20150207_212614 IMG_20150207_212634

Koozie Holder – Haven’t mounted it yet


For the Dog… or my Friend’s Dogs

Poor Chewy… he was a craftsman tool box when we were “Carpenters” for Halloween and then a stealth fighter jet when we dressed as Top Gun pilots

CAM00714 IMG_34534829072641IMG_0122-1


Homemade Doggie Hoodie for my friend’s dogs – the hoodie detaches by unbuttoning it


CAM00798 CAM00799