Salami Rolls

Easy-Salami-AppetizersThis is another appetizer that goes super fast.  My friends love it and even the kids gobble them down.  I was first introduced to this app by a friend of the family and I probably ate about 15 of them in a row after my first bite.

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1/2 pound thinly sliced Genoa Salami (easier to roll than hard salami)

1 package cream cheese softened

Dill relish or chopped pickles.  -OR- sliced pepperoncinis


Roll out a swath of was paper to minimize the mess on your counter top.  I will layout paper towels as well to press the moisture out of the salami.  It makes it easier for me to spread the cream cheese.

Using a knife or a spreader (see below for awesome spreaders at amazon) scoop up cream cheese and spread over the slice of salami.  Make sure it’s coated at one end to get the salami to stick together.

Use a fork to scoop up dill relish and add at bottom end of salami slice.

Roll the salami!

TIP: I do these in batches.  So, I will line the wax paper with up to 10 – 14 slices of salami, cream cheese all of them, add dill relish, then roll them up instead of doing one at a time.


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