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Hello and welcome to my blog!  In 2012, I married the love of my life, Jeff Carpenter.  He is fifteen years my senior (gasp!) and has two children from a previous a marriage.  Having no children myself, the prospect of becoming a stepmother was rather exciting.  Planning birthday parties, sleepovers, family game nights…. yeah….

Well, ends up, parenting isn’t easy.  I went from being a 29 year old newlywed to a 30 year old with two teenage children living with us full time.  As if turning 30 wasn’t bad enough.  Ugh.  Plus, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.  I think to myslef… is that the right advice?  Should they be allowed to watch that tv show?  When is their next dentist appointment?  Did they take their vitamins?  Do homework?  You want me to help with your math homework… I can’t even add and subtract these days without help from a cell phone!  Algebra?  Um, no.  What’s for dinner?  When’s dinner?  Is dinner almost ready?  Can we eat yet?  Ew, I don’t like that.


So, I decided to start this blog to A) vent, B) vent some more, and C) share with you stories, recipes, products, and all sorts of things that I’ve learned along the way of being a step parent and new wife.  I hope you enjoy the entries!  Thank you for visiting!

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