Dear Friday

As some of you may know from Facebook, this week has been rather hellatious (I know it’s not a real word – spell check informed me that I was trying to spell “gelatinous”).  It has been one of those weeks where if something could go wrong, it did.  Epically.

The overview is as follows – Tuesday started out with getting a guilt trip, soothing client feathers, cable technician not ringing my doorbell so he leaves a “sorry we missed you” note since I had no idea he was at my front door, triple the amount of work load with hard deadlines that must be done in fewer amount of hours, equipment failure, server failure, wi-fi failure (hence the MIA technician previously mentioned), getting rained on while trying to load groceries, almost getting into an accident not once but twice, one child barfing from a migraine (which he swears was not a migraine even though he has never had one before and the migraine medicine (gasp!) worked in 20 minutes), google account migration which froze all of my analytics leading to more soothing of client feathers, stubbing my toe (which, let’s face it, hurts like hell), culminating through to Thursday which ended with Teenager 1’s car not starting while Teenager 2 is getting her hair cut after school, leading to Teenager 1 taking his car straight to the shop, and I go pick him up, ending with Teenager 1 having to take my car to school this morning and needing to keep it through the weekend at his mom’s house, and my neighbor having to drive Teenager 2 to school this morning because I won’t have a car until Sunday evening.


Oh.  And throw PMS in there too.

I could go on and on about every little thing that went wrong, but we all have better things to do.  Besides, I’m sure you get the gist.  Crap went wrong this week.  Got it.  Moving on.

So, each day this week I have picked up Teenager 2 from school (trying to work at the same time since the place I park has wi-fi… did it have wi-fi this week?  Noooooo.) and poor Teenager 2 has to listen to me vent about how frustrated I am that nothing is working.  I’m so annoyed and angry at this point that I’m surprised steam isn’t coming out of my ears and that my eyeballs somehow aren’t bleeding from glaring at my computer.

Anyway, do you know what she says?

Teenager 2: That really sucks.  I’m sorry.

Me: Not your fault kiddo.  Thanks for listening.

Teenager 2: If there is anything I can do to help you like help clean the house, do dishes, or anything just let me know and I’ll help however I can.

…..    AAAAWWWWW!!!!!

Teenager 1 had an equally wonderful response.  He gave me a big hug and said he loved me.

So, while this week (and last week for that matter) have been tough, it has also helped to remind me of a few things.  First, not only are my step kids amazing, but they also listen and act on lessons my husband and I are trying to teach them.  Put others before yourself, never forget to thank somebody, etc. etc.  But the most important lesson of all is working together as a family to support one another and be there for each other.  My step kids, without being asked, stepped up to the plate and offered an ear, listened, and comforted.

Made a world of difference.

So.  In conclusion.  Dear Friday, first of all, thank GOD you are here.  Second, thank you for being the day when I remember that no matter how hard things may get, or how many things go wrong, I still have the love and support of my family and friends.  And you know what?  This week hasn’t been so bad after all now.

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