Crime and Punishment

It is inevitable that at one point in a step mom’s life… you have to deal with meting out justice.  I’ll just come straight out and say that Teenager 1 is our usual suspect.  Not turning in homework assignments, forgetting things, staying up too late, not cleaning his room, the list goes on.  I should note, however, that compared to teenage me… he’s a saint.  I will address this in another post – stay tuned.

However, Teenager 2… she is like the poster child for perfect kid.  Straight A’s, responsible, punctual, polite…

But, the day came.  The day when she actually messed up and made a bad decision.

Allow me to appropriately set the scenario.  Jeff and I were hanging out on the couch, watching TV, and discussing philosophical issues like the meaning of life.  Then, in grovels Teenager 2 with a look of abject guilt written upon her fair features.  Then, the waterworks.

Jeff and I are baffled at this point and she asks us to sit down.  Wracking in sobs and barely able to get the words out, she describes her crime.  For her sake, I’m not to describe exactly what the crime is but I will divulge that it wasn’t anything as horrifying as what we were expecting to come out of her mouth.  Phew.

Alas, the crime has still been committed and so Jeff and I are now facing a dilemma… how are we suppose to punish all around representation of perfect youth?  Ground her?  She hangs out with us on the weekends and doesn’t see her friends much outside of school… so that won’t work.  Take away her phone?  She needs that to keep in touch with her mother and also to communicate with us about soccer practice… so not that either.  Take away her iPad?  Possible, but she spent over a year saving up her own money to buy it and I personally don’t want to devalue hard work like that.

We only have a few options.  Ground her from soccer?  We want to promote a healthy lifestyle and both Jeff and I are firm believers in team sports.  No allowance?  Yes, definitely no allowance.  However, the crime does require just a bit more than no allowance.  After all, she has about $300 saved up from Christmas and her birthday.

What do we have left?  Youth group.  A Christian youth group.  We are those parents who grounded our perfect child from a Christian youth group for two weeks.

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