Have you ever wondered if your kids are really listening to you?  TRUST ME, they are.  Well, most of the time.  Details may get lost in selfies and snapchat, but overall they absorb quite a lot.  And parents…you are not the only adults that influence your kids.  Most of the time I’m very flattered that my teenagers pay attention to me and are influenced by my behavior and actions.

Other times… not so much.

For example: Cursing.

So sue me! I wasn’t trained to not let out a few curse words around kids.  I didn’t have to worry about prefacing expressions by shouting “earmuffs” at my kids before telling a story.  I didn’t raise them, I don’t have the filter, and I don’t have any kids of my own that I have had to do this for.

But, despite my b****ing, I have gotten pretty good at about the cursing around the kids.

Our friends?  Not so much.

For Example: Let’s call him friend “M”

Friend M is a great guy.  Funny, nice, hardworking, yada yada – but the man cannot put a kibosh on the curse words.  It doesn’t matter if my kids are there or not.  It goes as such…

“Oh man, so my bleeping boss was like, ‘Bleep man! Why isn’t all this bleeping stuff bleeping finished?’  And I am bleeping looking at him and thinking, ‘Bleep!  What the bleep am I supposed to bleeping do with bleeping subcontractors who don’t bleeping know how to bleeping do bleep all!’  Bleep!  It’s like all I bleeping do is work with bleeping morons.  Anyway, hey Lauren, how the bleep are you?  How’s the bleeping job going?” (He notices my 13 year old is sitting right next to me).  “Oh bleep, sorry Teenager 2.”




The problem comes when after about 30 minutes, you don’t even notice the bleeps and bleepings anymore.  It just all flows, then you find yourself bleeping saying bleep all the bleeping time.  Ah!

Luckily, my kids are pretty good about not cursing around us.  Even when Teenager 2 is surrounding by adults all throwing out bleeps, she doesn’t copy us by saying the same things back to us.  Phew.

It’s at times like these when I’m so thankful that my kids are able to distinguish what’s appropriate and what’s not.  After, the responsible adults in the room (ahem… Friend M and DAD) can’t figure out.  Good thing my 13 year old teenager can.

Otherwise we’d all be bleeped. 🙂

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