My Family & Me

10502161_1526887670867224_8566723672655942310_nHello! Welcome, welcome – my name is Lauren Carpenter and I am a wife and a stepmom of two wonderful teenagers.  I have no bio-children, so these two champs have to deal with all of my maternal attention.  Their excited.  No.  Seriously, they’re happy about it.  I think.

I married my awesome husband in November of 2012, and a few months later, his two kids moved in with us full time.

So, I went from being a 28 year old newlywed, to a 29 year old mother of two teenagers.  Easy peasy.  No problem!  I totally got this.  Wait, what am I doing?

I started this blog as away to share stories, insights, ask for help, and let other stepmoms know they aren’t alone in what they are dealing with.

Since becoming a full time stepmom, I’ve had to learn a few things that were previously way outside my wheelhouse.  I search for ways to save money, have discovered amazing PRODUCTS that make my life way easier, learned to COOK (yikes!), and explored many different creative outlets through DIY PROJECTS.

I graduated from the University of Missouri with my Bachelor of Journalism, Major in Advertising, Minor in Business.  I currently own my web design company, The Ad Girl, LLC and I have the pleasure of WORKING FROM HOME.

Let me introduce you to my family:


  • Born in 1983, 31 yrs old
  • Female
  • Organizer, cleaner, feeder, laundress, and small business owner.
  • She likes to write, read, have cocktails in the hot tub, fish, collect small fluffy animals, spend time with kids, hang out with friends, plan parties, and spend time with her husband.

Husband: STATS

  • Born in 1968, 46 yrs old
  • Male
  • Money maker, handy man, Mr. Fix It, comedian, problem solver, and chauffeur
  • He likes AC, hanging out with his kids and wife (in the AC), fishing (only when it’s not too hot), dissuading his wife from collecting small fluffy animals, and chilling with a cold one at the end of a hard day (in the AC).

Teenager 1: STATS

  • Born in 1997, 18 years old
  • Male
  • Computer whiz, picky eater, video gamer, chauffeur, and lawn mower
  • He likes playing on his computer until ungodly hours, arguing, saying I love you, asking for money and then saying I love you, procrastinating, playing Magic The Gathering, listening to rock and roll, and getting amazing tests scores even though he doesn’t do or turn in his homework.

Teenager 2: STATS

  • Born in 2000, 14 years old
  • Female
  • Straight A student, the responsible one of the family, excellent priorities, weed puller, food-can’t-touch-each-other eater, outgoing, and is often referred to as 13 going on 40
  • She likes listening to Ed Shearin and One Direction, getting on her brother’s case, listening to Ed Shearin some more, soccer, hanging out with friends, hanging out with Lauren and dad, listening to Ed Shearin again, and watching horror movies and terrifying TV shows.

Chewy: STATS

  • Born in 2006
  • The Dog
  • Male (neutered)
  • Guard dog, companion, husband’s nemesis, frightening dog when necessary, cat-like when the coast is clear, and has the worst smelling breath of all household members.
  • He likes to follow mom around everywhere (EVERWHERE), bark at anyone who dares enter his territory, find ways to piss off the husband such as rolling all over his pillow, sit in other people’s chairs as soon as they vacate, wear a neglected face that rivals ASPCA commercials for attention, and tap you on the arm if you (gasp!) stopped petting him.

Stitch: STATS

  • Sugar Glider
  • Male
  • He likes to hang out on the patio, mess with Chewy and Badger, terrify guests by jumping on their heads when least expecting it, drinking cocktails out of Lauren’s cup, be carried from one place to another, and eat large lizards he hunts on the patio.

Badger: STATS

  • Sugar Glider
  • Male
  • He likes to act neurotic, perform extreme acrobatic stunts on the patio, scare people, run away from Lauren while she is trying to put him in his cage, hide, and make an awful sound that mimics an engine failing to turn over.

I started this blog as a way to share some anecdotes of our family’s life, vent, tell funny stories, vent, share poducts that saved my life, and vent some more.

I have an awesome family and I’m excited for the opportunity to share some of our hilarious, stressful, frustrating, and heartwarming stories with you.